21 January 2020

As the year of 2019 is just about over, first check out Atlantis holidays greeting card 'Merry Xlantis' and 1K Intro 'Onef1ler' from 'Under Construction Party' and a cool 4K intro by Qzerow called 'Oldskoolnow' and have a Happy New Year!


And Rusty Pixels chaps have also released a nice holiday greetings demo as well as a fully playable zxnext game called Crowley World Tour.


For the rest of 2019 parties, starting with the Syntax party in Melbourne with several entries. First this Atlantis production, a onefiler PETSCII Demo (PETSCIINEMA) called 'Je T'aime mon monstre', dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg and with code by Tsurugi and music by Divertig0. Check it out here for some monstro love action.


Also, I had two gfx entries, one Amiga piece called 'Davy Jones Floppy'...


...and another being a freestyle gfx called 'A birthday offer you can't refuse'. This one is made in order to celebrate issue 70 of Vandalism News as mentioned next.


While at Syntax, I made another 3 covers for 6 sides of Vandalism News. Too many goodies in there to list but congratulations to VN team for putting out so much content over the years, keep loading!


Now there was also a ZOO 2019 party in Finland for which I had a small contribution with this PETSCII called 'Channel0'.


Demosplash party 2019 came and went and I had another freestyle gfx entry called 'The battle of 1852' which is based on a true story, not mentioned in history books. This is a little warm up for something else commodore related 'thing' currently in progress and planned for the next year. ;)


Lastly, my first entry ever for the Flashparty in Argentina which is mostly an ANSI/ASCII oriented event but I had this freestyle gfx called 'At the Movies', which is also based on a true story, of course.


And now for some Moritz news! Besides visiting his cousin Mortiz in Portugal in 'Moritz on the Autobahn' game, what began as a side game to 'Moritz on the Moon' is now a completely new game called 'Cheesy Chase: Moritz and the mildewed Moon' and I was happy again to provide the cover and illustrations for it. Good news is that 'Autobahn' game will be an exclusive game for 'BLAST 2020 Annual Magazine' hopefully also with additional goodies. There are two cover versions as well. And definitely check this swanky video for Moritz on the Autobahn by Mike Van der Lee.



BoxyMoxy (C64) game is progressing quite well and might be finished soon so more on that later as well as ongoing work on BLAST annual magazine.


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Tragical Space Dogs

26 February 2019

Party time first! Atlantis did a demo for the BCC Party in Berlin (Feb 22-24), called 'BEEzarro'. It was nice to work on some wonky stuff as usual so congrats to the gang (Tsurugi, Qzer0W, Doc Science, Divertigo, DMD) for frolicking fung ku. You can check the demo right here.


Beside the demo, Snabel blasted a cool SID and I had a petscii entry as well called 'A small Riddle'.


While at parties, I also had this mc called 'BlueJay' released at Compusphere party last November, featuring one of the characters from Space Moguls C64 game.


And while at Space Moguls, which is one of the most richest strategy games on C64, a reminder that it has been released by Protovision and it packs some awesome goodies to assist you in digging some rare materials on Alia Terra!

The box lid art is dedicated to the memory of Jean Giraud aka Gir/Moebius.


Digital Talk 104 came out in December as usual with various news covering all sorts of events on Commodore scene. It also has an interview with those SNAQZ guys about that Dredd game, an interview with Carl about Space Moguls and Tony talks about l'Abbaye des Morts game among many other things, just make sure to grab your favourite German speaking person for the occasion. ;)


The newest 2019 8bit annual is kickstartering but in meantime I have illustrated two winner entries for the compo held by these chaps some time ago. The winning games in question are Space Phantom (cpc) and Chibi Akumas:Tragical Chase (cpc, enterprise, msx), now turned into posters as a part of the winners award, besides some other goodies.

https://www.spitoufs.com/images/spacephantom.png https://www.spitoufs.com/images/tragicalchase.png

And while at crazy games, I've also drawn some posters/tape inlays for 4 games, two for zx spectrum and two for both cpc/zx - 'Moritz and the meds', 'Mike the guitar', 'Moritz strikes back' and 'Mike the guitar: the shooter!' all games done by the same team - Sebastian Braunert and Uwe Geiken.

Gotta say, these are some brilliant concepts. When someone throws a request for a drawing of a dog with a gatling gun shooting down the medication, then by George (of Vermont) ~ Let's Dance!


For the end, currently working on a C64 game with Antonio Savona , called 'Demonyo'. The game is inspired with something we both like in olde crime/giallo movies and comics of the yesteryear. Something part Fantomas part Diabolik and all Kriminal/Satanik! To be visualised in hires glory with music/sfx by Ald.

More information about this game next time...



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A Fistful of 64

11 November 2018

C64 news all the way for this update with a few more or less related kung fu, as a lot of things have piled up recently so its time to sort it all out.

Looong ago, a demo which Atlantis was preparing for Datastorm was not released but instead a cunningly titled short demo called '@' was produced on the spot. However, the actual demo we were working on was not ready for X party neither as everyone got busy with beer tasting season. Instead another demo called 'Xcusemo' was finished at the last moment and presented at the party. Congrats to all involved for actually seeing this one till the end and doing such a great work in a rather short time frame as well.

Between us, I think it rocks socks off and other stuff too.

Download, watch and love it!

For those C64unready - watch the video here


Meanwhile at 'X Party', ATL guys have sneaked in and presented my hi-res c64 entry called 'Sabotage', imagining it to be a loading screen for some game where sharp objects are used a plenty.


Also, I had an mc submission for the Arok party some months ago called 'Blue Eyes'.


More recently, I did a PETSCII called 'Alcools' for a Petscii Disk Cover compo . All the works from this compo are on display at the Finnish Museum of Gaming until January next year so these cool cats went a long way to scratch that record. Awesome compo btw, with many great entries, definitely check it out as it is one of the best PETSCII collections in one place that I've seen in a long time.


For the Syntax Party in Melbourne I've sent two pieces, multicolor titled 'I walked with a Zombie', dedicated to 'Roky' Erickson and a petscii called 'Frisson'...

https://www.spitoufs.com/art/I_Walked_with_a_Zombie.png https://www.spitoufs.com/art/frisson.png

...and while we're at Syntax, I have illustrated disk covers for issue #68 of the Vandalism news which was presented at the party, courtesy of Onslaught/Offence with thy latest news coverage/party reports and all sorts of goodies from ye olde C64 scene (6 disk sides edition spiffy!). Catch them all!


Other C64 related news; I've finished the manual design/illustrations for a game called 'Outrage' , soon to be published by both Protovision & Psytronik, another box/manual and related goodies for a MULE like strategy game called 'Space Moguls' (Protovision) and also a box for yet another awesome C64 game called 'Guy in a vest' by Antonio Savona, creator of Planet Golf and a coder behind a recent port of l'Abbaye des Morts. This guy and his vest will be published by Psytronik and RGCD. Since these games are not out yet I won't spoil much. here's just a smallest billboard possible. More words or pictures about these three as soon as they are released.


After some good dose of pixel things and all sorts of limit this and that, it was nice to paint something without restrictions for a change so here's my favorite pastime called 'Swamp Surfing', also sent to 'Demosplash' party.


For more paint, point yer olde eyeballs in general direction of a piratey illustration protecting the lair of Onslaught. Arrrr.


Now some printing news, the next installment of 8BIT Annual series, being 2019 edition, is already planned and I'm done with the cover illustration but I won't spoil it much (again), just a little skull to peep at as skulls are a peeping must!


As for the 2018 edition of this magazine, it is finally straight outta print house so here's a pic of that, courtesy of 8bitannual chaps. I'm still waiting to put my grubby tentacles around this issue, could take a whole year to read all that with 200+ pages or so.


And the last bit of news is very important to me as I knew this game would happen one day as the prophecy have foretold looong time ago. Well, maybe you noticed a little web game here called 'Judge Dredd in the House of Death', a simple dice throwing adventure game based on the old 'dicemen' series from the late 80s. I always felt that this game would be perfect on C64 so the graphics were always drawn in this fashion (actually 0xpaint then more recently Pixcen). After talking with ATL/SNAQZ chaps, namely Snabel (music) and QzeroW (code) about working on some C64 game(s) in the future, I briefly mentioned this game also as something that could work nicely and to my surprise they loved the idea!

So now that the X Party is over, we can slowly *judge* this one out so more news about it next time...


to be continued...

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➳ Much Yarr 2018

03 May 2018

"And me, I'm in a rock'n'roll band", well I've joined a C64 demo group believe you me not, Dr. Science invited me to join Atlantis demo group so it was an offer I could not refuse. Really happy to join these talented folks so have no clue what am I to do there except (perhaps) to break things. But, we are working already on a demo to be presented in August at Datastorm party so already got some multicolor pixels running around for August... ;)

More C64 news then, drew 2 pics which ended up hastily submitted to Forever2018 party and won 1st and 2nd place with Great Fuji Zero and Ride which are in the gallery. ❤❤


Consequently I made a little game with Great Fuji as I needed to draw that demon goatcat with MSX palette anyway so you can play it in yer oldest browser right here.


And some more C64 news, the peoples behind them Digital Talk magazine have just issued their 102 disk mag as they are celebrating 25 fricken years of swapping beer coasters sized floppies! I was happy to provide a cover for it once more so here is a toast to another 25 years, cheers! ッ


Now ZX front, since SQIJ for ZX is finished, I made a tape cover, the most dangerous action game should appear at Psytronik shop soon so save them pennies for the occasion.


But also, Sokurah has seemingly acquired some of them Taito boards to do an arcade version of this superhit so the characters now enjoy sharing 16 colors which was really nice to work with. Released for prompt perusal right here to insert coins at.


Now onto ZX Next, Warhawk graphics are done (notwithstanding all possible changes) but the game is still Wip. Jim and Flash have decided to do another one in the meantime called 'Baggers in Space', reminiscence of Jetpac and H.E.R.O, so I'm back at graphics and spacefractal at music. These two games will be presented (at least a few playable levels) at Revival party on May 19 and 20, Sokurah be there too but he might steal your beer.


Also, did a cover for 8bit annual magazine which recently ran a kickstarter so that 200+pages of 8bit gaming previews/reviews and interviews galore should appear soon and at the same time the same people on the same channel are organizing the dev compo for all the 8bit coders out there to present their work. Methinks one of the *prizes* would be your game painted by yours truly here or somesuch. ✌


And lastly (pheew), my buddy spacefractal is making a desktop game (could be android too) called PowerUp Elevation so I'm helping with graphics along the way. It is seemingly a remaster of some old Amiga game but it has birds or chickens..and spikes..and elevators. It is really fun and quite challenging game as well, you'll love smashing your monitor while playing it (easy and pro mode included)! 🐤


Well, so far 2018 indeed even better than 2017 so go figure... ;)

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Update time! ☠

13 December 2017

It's been a while since anything was posted but there was a lot of work done so here's the brief..

Item 1 - Doctor Who adventure game, this one took a while to make but its finally done and ready, it has Krotons who function permanently until they exhaust! ⋆


Item 2 - I won the first place at Demosplash ANSI/ASCII competition this year with my Caravaggio ANSI piece. It was my first ever solo submission to any compo as I'm mostly not aware of such or just plain too late, so this win is ever more sweeeeeeet. Also got two Petscii pieces in csdb petscii compo, namely olde Lario and Eldorado which now has a proper animated sequence for ye olde C64 (thanks to TheRyk and Asterion). ❤


Item 3 - Digital Talk, a German C64 diskmag is almost done with final touches on the Holiday 101 issue. I did the cover for it and gfx for loader which was quite fun. Also must mention a great dir art by this guy - Logiker), grab it out on Dec 26 or so and support a great magazine. ⋆


Item 4 - It would be a sacrilege not to mention this oddity called SQIJ which was apparently some low budget release back in the day for C64 (never heard of it before, tbh) and since Sokurah has decided to bring it on ZX methought a nice and dangerous ZX loading screen is in order, especially for a game that otherwise looks rather innocent and fluffy! ⋆


Item 5 -Work in progress, Warhawk for ZX Spectrum Next. This machine has just seen a first batch delivery to kickstarter backers and since Flash (we did Warhawk on DS years ago) had the devkit already, we did a whole bunch of work so far in bringing this shmup to this rather curious machinery of yore. Still working on it but check from time to time my twitter or that of Flash for up-a-dates. ⋆


So..yep, this year was nice and busy and all, hopefully 2018 will be as interesting. I am currently working on a game which might take a while but next time more information about that. Happy Holidays everyone! ✲

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Avida Dollars

19 January 2017

Avida Dollars, Dali Em Up featuring Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Púbol, collecting money$ while fending off his own creations is finished ❤.

Viva Dali! ♚

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