26 October 2016

I meant that! :D

Anyway, not dead yet, undead most likely but yes, just an update so it looks a bit lively about here.

Well, that's it actually, no news. :)

OK, no well, I got me a BBS to run, that oddly now takes all my time. You can check it out at daliscat.synchro.net via any telnet you might have. There are basic instructions here - Dali's Cat.

Also, am trying to work on about three games but considering at least two to mesh into a single one if possible, hehe. It is something with Wizards running around 'wuthub' making spells and traveling about in a fancy car through the desert in search of mythological creatures. I know, makes no sense.

The other one is one of my old oldies, Avida Dollar$, that shmup with Dali. :)

For years I've been waiting to fix some stuff and update it proper so I might work on that first as it sounds easy (but its likely NOT! :D ).

Here's an image of the *palette testing* -- it means I'm working, really.


!ѕєє уα •._.•´¯)

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