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21 August 2019

At the Datastorm 2019 party, Atlantis presented a demo which was in works for quite some time now. The most fabled 'Two Sided' was finally released, featuring two sides of demonic|angelic code, music & gfx to possess your C64 in style.


Atlantis was also at a beer & bbq party at Atwoods 2019 and set on display Atlantis co-op demo with Delysid called 'ASOA 2019' which is rather brilliant and even has a little playable game hidden in there (which Qzerow of Atl and yours truly shall expand to more levels soon)!


My gfx entry for Atwoods was this mc titled 'Let's drink and worship cats'!


Then there was Gubbdata 2019 and ATL had an entry called 'Thera' featuring the world famous Atlantian Snail and my last minute gfx entry titled 'Gubba Gubba Hey'.


Older news but goodies still, the Vandalism #69 news was released at Flashback party in Sydney with 6 sides of C64 goodies, I did the disk covers with more skulls and tigers as usual.


While at Flashback, I had two gfx entries, first one was for Amiga, cunningly titled 'Amicat'.


And the second entry was a C64 mc called 'Invasion', of course based on a true story as usual.


At Forever Party 2019, which was about Aliens, I had an aptly named mc entry called 'Alien'.


Some games are next, made a bit of graphics for Horace World Tour, a free Tetris game with multiple modes for ZX Spectrum Next by Rusty Pixels, released together with a 'print it yourself' dvd style cover for the game.


Also, Sebastian Braunert and his chaps are back with more crazy games featuring Moritz of course. I was happy to provide some covers for tapes/posters and similar goodies. The games in question are 'Moritz to the Moon', 'Moritz on the Autobahn' and the most strangest game in the universe as yet, 'PI-Dentity'!


(~_^) Arrrrrrr❤❤

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