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13 December 2017

It's been a while since anything was posted but there was a lot of work done so here's the brief..

Item 1 - Doctor Who adventure game, this one took a while to make but its finally done and ready, it has Krotons who function permanently until they exhaust! ⋆


Item 2 - I won the first place at Demosplash ANSI/ASCII competition this year with my Caravaggio ANSI piece. It was my first ever solo submission to any compo as I'm mostly not aware of such or just plain too late, so this win is ever more sweeeeeeet. Also got two Petscii pieces in csdb petscii compo, namely olde Lario and Eldorado which now has a proper animated sequence for ye olde C64 (thanks to TheRyk and Asterion). ❤


Item 3 - Digital Talk, a German C64 diskmag is almost done with final touches on the Holiday 101 issue. I did the cover for it and gfx for loader which was quite fun. Also must mention a great dir art by this guy - Logiker), grab it out on Dec 26 or so and support a great magazine. ⋆


Item 4 - It would be a sacrilege not to mention this oddity called SQIJ which was apparently some low budget release back in the day for C64 (never heard of it before, tbh) and since Sokurah has decided to bring it on ZX methought a nice and dangerous ZX loading screen is in order, especially for a game that otherwise looks rather innocent and fluffy! ⋆


Item 5 -Work in progress, Warhawk for ZX Spectrum Next. This machine has just seen a first batch delivery to kickstarter backers and since Flash (we did Warhawk on DS years ago) had the devkit already, we did a whole bunch of work so far in bringing this shmup to this rather curious machinery of yore. Still working on it but check from time to time my twitter or that of Flash for up-a-dates. ⋆


So..yep, this year was nice and busy and all, hopefully 2018 will be as interesting. I am currently working on a game which might take a while but next time more information about that. Happy Holidays everyone! ✲

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