Lo, the online birth certificate was issued on a thundering night of 1204AD..which is 2007 (could be 2006, as different legends claim)...always under Lobo and until 2012 under 'infectuous' dungeon. After a brief pause around 2012 the lair was renovated under 'spitoufs'. Most of the time I did graphics for mine pleasure and that of my kinsmen, starting with Homebrew on Nintendo DS which spawned a lot of gems in the process. With different wizards (smealum, alekmaul, kukulcan, etc.), in all sorts of strange collaborations to behold, and the maddest titles ever told, were produced most naturally --

* A cup of tea v8 RE -- download
* Aperture science -- download
* Area ten -- download
* Arsenal -- download
* Blocks Mania -- download
* Citrovillus cretinius -- download
* Codename hacker -- download
* Coleco ds -- download
* Color lines -- download
* Dawnseekers -- download
* Detective ds -- download
* Ds master plus -- download
* Ei0 -- download
* Element ds -- download
* Escape DS -- download
* Knifeoshon -- download
* Legion ds -- download
* Maouss ds -- download
* Marca ds -- download
* Manic miner LL -- download
* Swap ds -- download
* Virus ds xmas ED -- download
* Warhawk ds -- download
* Warlords ds -- download
* Xump ds -- download

Besides these, I also did some desktop games with me wee lad Sokurah, all listed at his lair and strange to behold, even one touchme ios game called 'Jungool'.
There was also a few rather short games I did myself from which 'Avida Dollars' was resurrected quite recently.
Also, from time to time I did an ANSI or two, these can be currently scrolled on my lazy BBS 'dali's cat' but lately there hath been more blocks so, some appearing in the latest releases of Blocktronics and Mistigris.