14 August 2020

BOXYMOXY, the newest cat puzzle game from yours truly, Antonio Savona (code) and Aldo Chiummo (music) is now available for your olde C64! Developed by 'Pirates of Zanzibar' and published in a big box by RGCD, the game comes on cartridge with manual, sticker, poster, pin button and catcard! Brainstorm over 60 levels with 2 cats and destroy a whole bunch of skulls to save your friend, a stupid Wizard responsible for the mess.

Get the Physical edition at RGCD Shop

Get the digital cart file at itch

(note that all proceeds from sale will go directly to charity, UNICEF.)

Official boxymoxy lair

The latest issue #16 of K&A Magazine is now available in print and digital form and features a cover illustration by yours truly cause you can never say 'No' to Gorillas in fancy suits. You can get this Commodore/Amiga magazine right here!

MW ULTRA, a C64 game by Covert Bitops is now available for preorder at PROTOVISION store. A massive futuristic interactive action adventure game is a refined version of the original Metal Warrior from 1999. I have supplied a design and illustration for box, manual and such and the game also comes with a huge folded map as well as the original soundtrack besides some other super goodies!

Now for some good ole party reports! First to go is GUBBDATA 2020 which streamed online this year but still had a lot of entries in various categories. Atlantis crew had a small demo called THE RESIDENTS, which, as some of you might have guessed, is a homage to an olde SF Bay Area band outfit with penchant for folk traditions and masked appearance, wrapped around the most experimental tunes to hit your eyeballs as yet.

Soak your eyeballs into this martini

Next on the list was Decrunch Party where I had a PETSCII/HIRES mix called 'Petsciistein', with a help of Qzer0w, it was transformed into a nice loopy Wild entry.

That monstrosity is right here!

And finally, time to go to Atwoods Party where for the second year in the row, Atlantis had a demo coop with our friends at Delysid. This time Romero approved demo called 'Scene of the Living Dead' was presented next to another ATL demo called Lockdown. Beware of the beer/bbq hungering...



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