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03 May 2018

"And me, I'm in a rock'n'roll band", well I've joined a C64 demo group believe you me not, Dr. Science invited me to join Atlantis demo group so it was an offer I could not refuse. Really happy to join these talented folks so have no clue what am I to do there except (perhaps) to break things. But, we are working already on a demo to be presented in August at Datastorm party so already got some multicolor pixels running around for August... ;)

More C64 news then, drew 2 pics which ended up hastily submitted to Forever2018 party and won 1st and 2nd place with Great Fuji Zero and Ride which are in the gallery. ❤❤


Consequently I made a little game with Great Fuji as I needed to draw that demon goatcat with MSX palette anyway so you can play it in yer oldest browser right here.


And some more C64 news, the peoples behind them Digital Talk magazine have just issued their 102 disk mag as they are celebrating 25 fricken years of swapping beer coasters sized floppies! I was happy to provide a cover for it once more so here is a toast to another 25 years, cheers! ッ


Now ZX front, since SQIJ for ZX is finished, I made a tape cover, the most dangerous action game should appear at Psytronik shop soon so save them pennies for the occasion.


But also, Sokurah has seemingly acquired some of them Taito boards to do an arcade version of this superhit so the characters now enjoy sharing 16 colors which was really nice to work with. Released for prompt perusal right here to insert coins at.


Now onto ZX Next, Warhawk graphics are done (notwithstanding all possible changes) but the game is still Wip. Jim and Flash have decided to do another one in the meantime called 'Baggers in Space', reminiscence of Jetpac and H.E.R.O, so I'm back at graphics and spacefractal at music. These two games will be presented (at least a few playable levels) at Revival party on May 19 and 20, Sokurah be there too but he might steal your beer.


Also, did a cover for 8bit annual magazine which recently ran a kickstarter so that 200+pages of 8bit gaming previews/reviews and interviews galore should appear soon and at the same time the same people on the same channel are organizing the dev compo for all the 8bit coders out there to present their work. Methinks one of the *prizes* would be your game painted by yours truly here or somesuch. ✌


And lastly (pheew), my buddy spacefractal is making a desktop game (could be android too) called PowerUp Elevation so I'm helping with graphics along the way. It is seemingly a remaster of some old Amiga game but it has birds or chickens..and spikes..and elevators. It is really fun and quite challenging game as well, you'll love smashing your monitor while playing it (easy and pro mode included)! 🐤


Well, so far 2018 indeed even better than 2017 so go figure... ;)

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