01 January 2021

Happy New Year and may it be better than the last. In order to start proper with this new one here's some demos first.

Lovecats by Atlantis, dancing code of Qzer0W, spanking music by DivertigO and yours truly on PETSCII, a festive feline jazz demo released at Hogmanay Party on the New Year's eve. Get your favourite cat out there and dance with Lovecats!

Another release with a cat, 'Gelsomina vs Red Baron', a PETSCII historical document from the WWI memoirs of Gelsomina. vs red baron.png

And yet another true story WWI document called 'Gelsomina vs Kaiser', a painting of sorts released at Demosplash 2020 party!

More party releases, this one is a very recent Xmas demo by 'The Santas' called Sledge of Displace. The Santas are a fabulous team of drunken santas composed of members from Atlantis, Bonzai, Genesis Project, Laxity and Offence. This megademo is a 4 sides festive splendour of audio code visual goodies, released at Forndata 2020 Xmas party.

At Forndata Xmas party, I also had a (true story) hires called Detour.

More pictures, the first one is a hires with PETSCII mix titled Jimmy and the one next to it is Procession, another hires released in time for Function Demo Party 2020.

And for the last party entry for 2020, I made a logo/pic for Amiga demo called 'Iapetus' by Onslaught, released at Syntax Party 2020.

Now for some interesting and historical C64 goodies, the newly restored and label/covered release of 10 issues (5 disks) of the legendary Atlantis made diskmag called Immortal Flash! You can get it at your fine ATL warez supplier or get the downloads here-






Another added bonus is several different compilations of Atlantis releases from 1990s all the way to recent work. Demo, music and all sorts of goods have been separated on several different compilation disks together with covers/labels as usual.





And here's an interesting music disk compilation, the SID covers with cool presentation titled 'Street Fighter II music collection', released by Onslaught. I did graphics and there are some dangerous sprites which do happen to shoot projectiles at each other as well.

Now for some games, BOXYMOXY has been updated to 20 new levels recently which you can unlock for some more cat puzzles set in a space station infested with chattering skulls! New tiles, new screens, story ending and another great tune by Aldo Chiummo are included. The box version has been sold out but it might return some time, until then you can get the downloadable cart version at Brokenbytes.

After 30 years of waiting, 'Outrage' for C64 is finished and available on disk/cart together with some other goodies including a cool soundtrack. I did the art for the packaging which also includes an extensive manual describing the history of the game and all the issues related to it since the game inception in 1990. Available in a big box at Protovision shop.

Now, the sad news is that Moritz the dog has passed away some months ago. The most recent release was Supermoritz, updated version of one of the earliest Moritz escapades. Head over to Moritz rules which lists all the adventures of this best of canine and legendary dog in the world of games who shall not be forgotten. Here is also the updated Moritz Games Catalogue with all the titles including PI-DENTITY and Mike the Guitar games and bonus comic pages for each of these titles.


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