01 January 2021

Happy New Year and may it be better than the last. In order to start proper with this new one here's some demos first.

Lovecats by Atlantis, dancing code of Qzer0W, spanking music by DivertigO and yours truly on PETSCII, a festive feline jazz demo released at Hogmanay Party on the New Year's eve. Get your favourite cat out there and dance with Lovecats!

Another release with a cat, 'Gelsomina vs Red Baron', a PETSCII historical document from the WWI memoirs of Gelsomina. vs red baron.png

And yet another true story WWI document called 'Gelsomina vs Kaiser', a painting of sorts released at Demosplash 2020 party!

More party releases, this one is a very recent Xmas demo by 'The Santas' called Sledge of Displace. The Santas are a fabulous team of drunken santas composed of members from Atlantis, Bonzai, Genesis Project, Laxity and Offence. This megademo is a 4 sides festive splendour of audio code visual goodies, released at Forndata 2020 Xmas party.

At Forndata Xmas party, I also had a (true story) hires called Detour.

More pictures, the first one is a hires with PETSCII mix titled Jimmy and the one next to it is Procession, another hires released in time for Function Demo Party 2020.

And for the last party entry for 2020, I made a logo/pic for Amiga demo called 'Iapetus' by Onslaught, released at Syntax Party 2020.

Now for some interesting and historical C64 goodies, the newly restored and label/covered release of 10 issues (5 disks) of the legendary Atlantis made diskmag called Immortal Flash! You can get it at your fine ATL warez supplier or get the downloads here-






Another added bonus is several different compilations of Atlantis releases from 1990s all the way to recent work. Demo, music and all sorts of goods have been separated on several different compilation disks together with covers/labels as usual.





And here's an interesting music disk compilation, the SID covers with cool presentation titled 'Street Fighter II music collection', released by Onslaught. I did graphics and there are some dangerous sprites which do happen to shoot projectiles at each other as well.

Now for some games, BOXYMOXY has been updated to 20 new levels recently which you can unlock for some more cat puzzles set in a space station infested with chattering skulls! New tiles, new screens, story ending and another great tune by Aldo Chiummo are included. The box version has been sold out but it might return some time, until then you can get the downloadable cart version at Brokenbytes.

After 30 years of waiting, 'Outrage' for C64 is finished and available on disk/cart together with some other goodies including a cool soundtrack. I did the art for the packaging which also includes an extensive manual describing the history of the game and all the issues related to it since the game inception in 1990. Available in a big box at Protovision shop.

Now, the sad news is that Moritz the dog has passed away some months ago. The most recent release was Supermoritz, updated version of one of the earliest Moritz escapades. Head over to Moritz rules which lists all the adventures of this best of canine and legendary dog in the world of games who shall not be forgotten. Here is also the updated Moritz Games Catalogue with all the titles including PI-DENTITY and Mike the Guitar games and bonus comic pages for each of these titles.


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14 August 2020

BOXYMOXY, the newest cat puzzle game from yours truly, Antonio Savona (code) and Aldo Chiummo (music) is now available for your olde C64! Developed by 'Pirates of Zanzibar' and published in a big box by RGCD, the game comes on cartridge with manual, sticker, poster, pin button and catcard! Brainstorm over 60 levels with 2 cats and destroy a whole bunch of skulls to save your friend, a stupid Wizard responsible for the mess.

Get the Physical edition at RGCD Shop

Get the digital cart file at itch

(note that all proceeds from sale will go directly to charity, UNICEF.)

Official boxymoxy lair

The latest issue #16 of K&A Magazine is now available in print and digital form and features a cover illustration by yours truly cause you can never say 'No' to Gorillas in fancy suits. You can get this Commodore/Amiga magazine right here!

MW ULTRA, a C64 game by Covert Bitops is now available for preorder at PROTOVISION store. A massive futuristic interactive action adventure game is a refined version of the original Metal Warrior from 1999. I have supplied a design and illustration for box, manual and such and the game also comes with a huge folded map as well as the original soundtrack besides some other super goodies!

Now for some good ole party reports! First to go is GUBBDATA 2020 which streamed online this year but still had a lot of entries in various categories. Atlantis crew had a small demo called THE RESIDENTS, which, as some of you might have guessed, is a homage to an olde SF Bay Area band outfit with penchant for folk traditions and masked appearance, wrapped around the most experimental tunes to hit your eyeballs as yet.

Soak your eyeballs into this martini

Next on the list was Decrunch Party where I had a PETSCII/HIRES mix called 'Petsciistein', with a help of Qzer0w, it was transformed into a nice loopy Wild entry.

That monstrosity is right here!

And finally, time to go to Atwoods Party where for the second year in the row, Atlantis had a demo coop with our friends at Delysid. This time Romero approved demo called 'Scene of the Living Dead' was presented next to another ATL demo called Lockdown. Beware of the beer/bbq hungering...



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17 May 2020

A newest report follows with parties first as it goes. I had a hires release at Fjalldata party in Finland called 'Catch a Trout', based on an old blues song.

At BBC#14 Party in Berlin, Atlantis had a game of 'Drunken Chopsticks' to train the party goers in finer points of digital Karate chopstick action, code by Qzer0w music by Divertig0 and gfx by Gelsomina, get it here or paint the fence!

Next party was Revision which happened online this year due to the unforeseen bat typhoon which still threatens the population of this planet. Atlantis had a sweet onefile called 'FIGHT!', as everyone should! Code by Doc. Science & Qzer0W with music by Mibri and gfx by the cat!

There was another release following, this time for a csdb 'fun lockdown compo' called 'Gamblers'. Based on true story, really, with code by Doc. Science & Tsurugi with music by Spino2006, the gfx by more cats as usual.

For some print news, your truly appeared in the latest issue #15 of Polish Commodore/Amiga magazine called K&A Plus with a nice selection of different works (thanks to Qzer0W for pic). ♥♥♥♥

You can find the magazine here.

And now some games. Moritz never sleeps so finally 2 games were released recently! The first one is zx spectrum 48/128K version of Moritz on the Autobahn which was mentioned here before. The other one is more recent and absolutely brilliant 'Moritz the Striker', the platform/football action escapade which might also be available on other systems someday soon. Not the last but another great game by Sebastian Braunert and Team Moritz was finalized just a few days ago called 'PI-DENTITY', the most bonkers shooters on this side of the rainbow.

All the Team Moritz games released so far starting with 'Pink Pills' are now in a fashionable catalogue which I assume will only grow in time, you can check it out here.

Not enough Moritz? Well then you're at the right place because there is an online version of a short game straight from wonderland called 'Moritz at the Tea Party'. More Moritz next time as who knows where he goes next? The Shadow knows!

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21 January 2020

As the year of 2019 is just about over, first check out Atlantis holidays greeting card 'Merry Xlantis' and 1K Intro 'Onef1ler' from 'Under Construction Party' and a cool 4K intro by Qzerow called 'Oldskoolnow' and have a Happy New Year!

And Rusty Pixels chaps have also released a nice holiday greetings demo as well as a fully playable zxnext game called Crowley World Tour.

For the rest of 2019 parties, starting with the Syntax party in Melbourne with several entries. First this Atlantis production, a onefiler PETSCII Demo (PETSCIINEMA) called 'Je T'aime mon monstre', dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg and with code by Tsurugi and music by Divertig0. Check it out here for some monstro love action.

Also, I had two gfx entries, one Amiga piece called 'Davy Jones Floppy'...

...and another being a freestyle gfx called 'A birthday offer you can't refuse'. This one is made in order to celebrate issue 70 of Vandalism News as mentioned next.

While at Syntax, I made another 3 covers for 6 sides of Vandalism News. Too many goodies in there to list but congratulations to VN team for putting out so much content over the years, keep loading!

Now there was also a ZOO 2019 party in Finland for which I had a small contribution with this PETSCII called 'Channel0'.

Demosplash party 2019 came and went and I had another freestyle gfx entry called 'The battle of 1852' which is based on a true story, not mentioned in history books. This is a little warm up for something else commodore related 'thing' currently in progress and planned for the next year. ;)

Lastly, my first entry ever for the Flashparty in Argentina which is mostly an ANSI/ASCII oriented event but I had this freestyle gfx called 'At the Movies', which is also based on a true story, of course.

And now for some Moritz news! Besides visiting his cousin Mortiz in Portugal in 'Moritz on the Autobahn' game, what began as a side game to 'Moritz on the Moon' is now a completely new game called 'Cheesy Chase: Moritz and the mildewed Moon' and I was happy again to provide the cover and illustrations for it. Good news is that 'Autobahn' game will be an exclusive game for 'BLAST 2020 Annual Magazine' hopefully also with additional goodies. There are two cover versions as well. And definitely check this swanky video for Moritz on the Autobahn by Mike Van der Lee.

BoxyMoxy (C64) game is progressing quite well and might be finished soon so more on that later as well as ongoing work on BLAST annual magazine.

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