Lupus in Fabula is an adventure game with puzzle/action elements.
It concerns two characters, controlled one at a time, caught in Flemish
Renaissance mixed with glitched medieval times as a result of failed
magickal transport. Now the unfortunate duo must escape a series of
dungeons while being threatened by ungainly bestiary populating the world
around them. At all times they are under scrutiny by an alien duo, one
with likeness of a French Philosopher Voltaire and the other as Venetian Renaissance painter Tiziano, besides
a common Raven, who appears to take great interest into the plight of the Hero and his friend.

The game has a total of 21 levels, the first twenty being self sufficient dungeons of various length.
The final level takes place in a village where the whole story comes to a final wrap.

The story, characters and places are heavily influenced with everything from images of 'Lost in Space',

'Black Adder' or 'Monty Python' to words from the likes of 'Gargantua & Pentagruel' & 'Decameron'

and strokes from painters like Pieter Brueghel, Van Eyck coupled with medieval superstitions,

scriptural references and bestiary catalogs.

Available for~ Win/OSX/Linux. Keyboard or Controller traversed.
Note! Linux version is not available on Steam due to incompatibility with SteamOS BigPictureMode.
You can get linux version on Itch or GameJolt but no Steam key.



Maleficarum visio~


Magicales condimentum~

  • Windows

    ▫OS: Win10, 8, 7
    ▫CPU: 2.4GHz +
    ▫RAM: 2GB
    ▫HDD Space: 400MB free
    ▫Video Card: 256MB VRAM +
    ▫Sound Card, Keyboard
    (Gamepad optional)

  • OSX

    ▫OS: 10.9
    ▫CPU: 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo
    ▫RAM: 2GB +
    ▫HDD Space: 500MB free
    ▫Video Card: 256MB VRAM +
    ▫Sound Card, Keyboard
    (Gamepad optional)

  • Linux

    ▫OS: Ubuntu 14.04.2
    ▫CPU: 2.4GHz +
    ▫RAM: 2GB +
    ▫HDD Space: 400MB free
    ▫Video Card: 256MB VRAM +
    ▫Sound Card, Keyboard
    (Gamepad optional)


Felix fortuitae~

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