Update time! ☠

13 December 2017

It's been a while since anything was posted but there was a lot of work done so here's the brief..

Item 1 - Doctor Who adventure game, this one took a while to make but its finally done and ready, it has Krotons who function permanently until they exhaust! ⋆


Item 2 - Galencia C64 by Jason Aldred has just seen a physical box release (tape, cartridge/floppy as well) on protovision. I ended up doing the package design for this game because the cat was insisting on it vehemently. The results are nice and comfy so check that out pronto... ⋆


Item 3 - I won the first place at Demosplash ANSI/ASCII competition this year with my Caravaggio ANSI piece. It was my first ever solo submission to any compo as I'm mostly not aware of such or just plain too late, so this win is ever more sweeeeeeet. Also got two Petscii pieces in csdb petscii compo, namely olde Lario and Eldorado which now has a proper animated sequence for ye olde C64 (thanks to TheRyk and Asterion). ❤


Item 4 - Digital Talk, a German C64 diskmag is almost done with final touches on the Holiday 101 issue. This number has an interview with Jason of Galencia so I ended up doing the disk package and some menu /loading screen graphics. As the story goes, Jason decided to code a little intro so the graphics was refitted to the new design and the result is really great (not posting it as it is a surprise, also must mention a great dir art by this guy - Logiker), grab it out on Dec 26 or so and support a great magazine. ⋆


Item 5 - It would be a sacrilege not to mention this oddity called SQIJ which was apparently some low budget release back in the day for C64 (never heard of it before, tbh) and since Sokurah has decided to bring it on ZX methought a nice and dangerous ZX loading screen is in order, especially for a game that otherwise looks rather innocent and fluffy! ⋆


Item 6 -Work in progress, Warhawk for ZX Spectrum Next. This machine has just seen a first batch delivery to kickstarter backers and since Flash (we did Warhawk on DS years ago) had the devkit already, we did a whole bunch of work so far in bringing this shmup to this rather curious machinery of yore. Still working on it but check from time to time my twitter or that of Flash for up-a-dates. ⋆


So..yep, this year was nice and busy and all, hopefully 2018 will be as interesting. I am currently working on a game which might take a while but next time more information about that. Happy Holidays everyone! ✲

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Lupus in Fabula - Steam

13 July 2017

Great news incoming via telegraph service, Lupus in Fabula has been released on Steam, you can find it HERE


Now go Get some Renaissance promptly (or get medieval)!

Latest changes have included a support for Stick control and some major cleaning up!

Additionally, 15 achievements are added for the Steam version.

For the first week, the game is 10% off the regular price across Steam, GameJolt and Itch so get it at yer olde favorite market.

Also, Avida Dollars is now 1.0.1 with added Stick control for yer olde gamepads as well besides some other additions.

And finally, check out some Art section for some latest fancypantsy ANSI/PETSCII/PANTS haberdashery, not to mention the superificious web SID player.

And major thanx to me buddy Spacefractal for numerous tests on Fabula! ♥

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Avida Dollars

19 January 2017

Avida Dollars, Dali Em Up featuring Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Púbol, collecting money$ while fending off his own creations is out ❤.

It is available at gamejolt and it uses local High Score/Trophy system.

The game is in 'Pay what you Wilt' and really that should be instantly accessible to just about anyone out there. The game page is here so, no dilly dallying!

Viva Dali! ♚

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26 October 2016

I meant that! :D

Anyway, not dead yet, undead most likely but yes, just an update so it looks a bit lively about here.

Well, that's it actually, no news. :)

OK, no well, I got me a BBS to run, that oddly now takes all my time. You can check it out at daliscat.synchro.net via any telnet you might have. There are basic instructions here - Dali's Cat.

Also, am trying to work on about three games but considering at least two to mesh into a single one if possible, hehe. It is something with Wizards running around 'wuthub' making spells and traveling about in a fancy car through the desert in search of mythological creatures. I know, makes no sense.

The other one is one of my old oldies, Avida Dollar$, that shmup with Dali. :)

For years I've been waiting to fix some stuff and update it proper so I might work on that first as it sounds easy (but its likely NOT! :D ).

Here's an image of the *palette testing* -- it means I'm working, really.


!ѕєє уα •._.•´¯)

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